introducing our new bass guitar

Cave and Canary Guitars began with the purpose of creating the instruments I couldn’t afford, but desperately wanted.

I immediately found a love for design, and worked through several models on a custom basis, augmenting details to fit each player’s unique requirements, while discovering the shared attributes they were all after, evolving what began as the realization of my personal taste, into instruments that could feel like home to anyone.

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Behold the Orion, a guitar that whispers tales of ancient constellations and cosmic mysteries. This instrument, with its double-bound, carved top and back semi-hollow alder body, is a symphony of craftsmanship and fantasy, a bridge between the artisan’s bench and the farthest reaches of the night sky. Each Shimmertron humbucker, named for their celestial clarity, dances with the light of distant stars, offering a sound that is as profound as the depth of space, yet as clear as the twinkle of a star on a crisp winter’s night.

The Meteor Deluxe

Introducing the Meteor Deluxe, a guitar not merely crafted but conjured from the essence of stardust and celestial resonance. With a 25.5″ scale and soft C neck profile that feels as if it were shaped by the gentle caress of a cosmic wind, this instrument is destined for those whose hearts beat in time with the music of the spheres.

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Introducing the Meteor Standard, the ethereal sibling of the renowned Meteor Deluxe, bridging the cosmic void to reach the hands of aspiring celestial minstrels. With twin humbuckers, the Meteor Standard offers a universe of sound in a more earthly form, delivering tones that echo through time and space with timeless ease.

We started Cave and Canary Guitars in 2014, after years of modifying other instruments to meet our preferences. From our time on the road, we knew what we were looking for in a guitar, but couldn’t find one instrument that had everything. Our guitars represent years of research and prototyping, resulting in an affordable and high quality instrument that we feel is suitable for all players. We are proud to showcase our dream and the craftsmanship that has gone into these guitars.

Casey Crescenzo


Rob Parr

Hircus Rex (coming soon)

Max tousseau

Meteor Deluxe

Nick Sollecito


Photos by Zachary Zelinsky and Janelle Choiniere