• 25.5″ Scale
  • Carved Top/Back Semi-Hollow Bound Alder Body
  • Bound Roasted Maple C shape neck
  • 14” Radius Rosewood Fretboard w C&C Circle Inlays
  • 21 Medium Stainless Frets
  • 18:1 ratio locking tuners
  • Cave & Canary Shimmertron Pickup Set
  • Graphite Nut
  • Roller Bridge
  • Offset Vibrato
  • 3-Way Switch, Vol/Tone
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Black Knobs
  • NYXL 10 Gauge Coated strings
  • Molded Hardshell Case included

For all Cave and Canary Guitar purchases, your guitar will ship directly from the workshop in South Korea via UPS. Please allow 2-3 business days for your guitar to ship and an additional 7-10 business days for your guitar to arrive.

Cave and Canary Guitars accepts returns of unplayed guitars up to 10 days after you’ve received them.

Cave and Canary Guitars offers a 90-day warranty for all hardware and electronic components.




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Behold the Orion, a guitar that whispers tales of ancient constellations and cosmic mysteries. This instrument, with its double-bound, carved top and back semi-hollow alder body, is a symphony of craftsmanship and fantasy, a bridge between the artisan’s bench and the farthest reaches of the night sky. Each Shimmertron humbucker, named for their celestial clarity, dances with the light of distant stars, offering a sound that is as profound as the depth of space, yet as clear as the twinkle of a star on a crisp winter’s night.

The Orion’s roasted maple neck, crowned with a bound rosewood fretboard, is a testament to the timeless journey of music. The signature Cave and Canary Guitars circle inlays are not just markers, but constellations guiding the musician on a voyage through melodies unbound by gravity. The locking tuners and roller bridge, paired with an offset vibrato, offer a control and flexibility that transcends the earthly realm. To play the Orion is to strum the strings of the cosmos, to unleash a harmony that resonates with the very core of the universe. This guitar isn’t just an instrument; it’s a celestial odyssey in your hands.

*This is a product rendering, actual color may vary.